Cinematography thoughts Pt 1

  There’s much that seems to have been left behind with film, but I think it’s important to retain the fundamentals of cinematography. You still need to create a world with light, shadow and color.  I believe that you still need to do as much in camera as possible. Regardless of the quality of color correction etc it is still limited by the digital image that’s sent into the color session. There is a trend to capture images with less than ideal lighting and framing and then fix it in post. It can work and does, but it puts limits on the creative process on the post side. I hear from colorists all the time how they have had a really hard time making images look good. Multiple power windows, layers of manipulation etc. Also for me there is much to be said for the feeling on set when these images are shot. It’s about being in that moment when I believe the creative process of a filmmaker is at its peak.